Scented Candle Rezaroma Grapefruit White Musk

Experience the invigorating fusion of fresh citrus notes harmoniously entwined with the delicate essence of Rose and Violet. This fragrance is infused with zesty Grapefruit from Sicily, captivating Aldehyde Notes, and refreshing Green Notes, while an exquisite alliance of Rose and Violet adds a revitalizing touch. Perfect for any season, it’s an ideal choice to create an uplifting atmosphere throughout the year.

AED 120

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Let’s explore the captivating fragrance notes that make this scent a testament to elegance:

Head Notes: Grapefruit from Sicily, Aldehyde Notes, Green Notes

The fragrance begins with an invigorating blend of zesty Grapefruit from Sicily, complemented by Aldehyde Notes and Green Notes. These fresh and citrusy top notes create a vibrant and uplifting opening.

Heart Notes: Alliance of Rose and Violet

At the core of this fragrance is an exquisite alliance of Rose and Violet blossoms. These floral heart notes add a touch of sophistication and grace, infusing the composition with beauty and charm.

Base Notes: Edible Notes, Sensual White Musk

The fragrance concludes with a warm and inviting base. Edible Notes provide a delectable and inviting aura, while Sensual White Musk adds a layer of sensuality and allure.

Inspired by the enduring creativity of Grasse perfume makers and the expertise of the Middle East’s top noses, Rezaroma brings timeless sophistication to the modern home. This fragrance beautifully combines fresh, citrusy, and floral elements, delivering a delightful and uplifting experience. From the lively opening to the captivating heart and inviting base, it’s a scent that exudes elegance and charm.

Scent Type

Citrusy, Floral, Fresh

Fragrance Family

Citrus, Fresh





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