Room Spray Rezaroma Rose Patchouly 500ml

Indulge in the captivating allure of a sophisticated blend of sparkling floral notes balanced with patchouli, fresh cardamom, star anise, cut grass, and amber. Create a relaxing atmosphere, ideal for any time of the year. Elevate your space and embrace luxury and tranquility.

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Head notes:

Fresh cardamom: A vibrant and aromatic note that adds a touch of spiciness and warmth.

Star anise: An exotic and licorice-like note, contributing a hint of sweetness and depth.

Cut grass: A green and refreshing note that brings a sense of vitality and nature to the fragrance.

Heart notes:

Rose: A classic and timeless floral note that exudes elegance and romance.

Jasmine: A sensual and intoxicating floral note, known for its luxurious and captivating aroma.

Violet: A delicate and powdery floral note, providing a soft and subtle touch.

Tuberose: A rich and heady floral note with a creamy and sweet fragrance.

Orange blossoms: A bright and citrusy floral note that adds a fresh and uplifting element.

Patchouli leaves from Sumatra: An earthy and woody note that adds depth and richness to the heart of the fragrance.

Base notes:

Precious amber: A warm and resinous note that brings a sense of depth and sensuality.

Solar notes: A radiant and sunny note that adds a touch of brightness and warmth to the base.


Rezaroma’s fragrance brings timeless sophistication to the modern-day home, evoking an elegant, romantic, and fresh ambiance with a touch of sensuality and warmth.

Scent Type

Ambery, Floral, Woody

Fragrance Family

Floral Ambery





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