Diffuser Refill Rezaroma Jasmine Ylang Ylang

Experience the incandescent freshness of floral notes blended with crushed herbs in this captivating scent. Infused with fresh basil and Sumatran clove, it embraces an enticing heart of animalic notes. The fragrance concludes with the soothing essence of white jasmine blossom and solar ylang ylang, creating a tranquil atmosphere. Perfect for any time of the year, this scent invokes a serene and inviting feeling.

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Head Notes:

Fresh Basil: The fragrance begins with the invigorating and herbaceous scent of fresh basil. It provides a lively and aromatic opening, adding a touch of freshness and greenness to the overall composition.

Clove from Sumatra: The inclusion of clove from Sumatra adds a warm and spicy note to the fragrance. It contributes a rich and slightly sweet aroma with hints of earthiness, creating a vibrant and exotic start to the scent experience.

Heart Notes:

Animalic Notes: The heart of the fragrance is composed of animalic notes. Animalic notes are often derived from natural or synthetic substances that mimic animal secretions, such as musk or civet. These notes can add depth, sensuality, and warmth to the perfume, creating an intriguing and captivating aura.

Base Notes:

White Jasmine Blossom: The base of the fragrance features the timeless and elegant scent of white jasmine blossom. Jasmine is renowned for its intoxicating and romantic floral aroma. Its presence in the base notes provides a rich, sweet, and slightly indolic character to the fragrance, exuding sophistication and sensuality.

Solar Ylang Ylang: Ylang ylang, known for its exotic and tropical fragrance, adds a creamy and floral touch to the base notes. Solar ylang ylang specifically refers to a variant of ylang ylang that has been enhanced to have a sun-kissed and radiant quality. Its inclusion in the fragrance brings warmth, sweetness, and a touch of exoticism to the overall composition.

Scent Sensation:

Indulge in timeless sophistication and elegance with this fragrance. It begins with a vibrant blend of fresh basil and spicy clove, leading to captivating and alluring heart notes of animalic accord. The opulent base notes of white jasmine blossom and solar ylang-ylang bring a sense of luxury and sensuality. Experience the soothing and calming effect of this scent, instilling relaxation and serenity.

Scent Type

Floral, Jasmine

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1000ml, 300ml

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