Diffuser Refill Rezaroma Rose Patchouly

Experience a sophisticated blend of sparkling floral notes and patchouli that beautifully highlights this scent. Infused with fresh cardamom, star anise, cut grass, and amber, it transports you to a serene field of flowers. This fragrance captures the essence of a tranquil mood, making it ideal for any time of the year.

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Head Notes:

Fresh Cardamom: The fragrance starts with the invigorating and aromatic scent of fresh cardamom. It adds a sparkling and spicy element to the composition, providing an energizing and vibrant opening.

Star Anise: Star anise contributes a warm and sweet aroma with hints of licorice. It adds depth and complexity to the fragrance, creating a captivating and intriguing initial impression.

Cut Grass: The inclusion of cut grass brings a green and refreshing note to the fragrance. It evokes the scent of a freshly mown lawn, adding a touch of natural freshness and vitality.

Heart Notes:

Rose, Jasmine, Violet, Tuberose, Orange Blossom, and Leaves of Patchouli from Sumatra: The heart of the fragrance showcases a harmonious alliance of various floral notes. The combination of rose, jasmine, violet, tuberose, orange blossom, and patchouli leaves from Sumatra creates a rich and captivating bouquet. These floral notes blend together to provide a complex, romantic, and sensual character to the fragrance.

Base Notes:

Precious Amber: The fragrance concludes with the presence of precious amber in the base. Amber adds a warm, resinous, and slightly powdery note, adding depth and sophistication to the composition. It provides a sense of luxury and sensuality.

Solar Notes: Solar notes refer to elements that capture the essence of sunshine and radiance. These notes can range from warm and luminous accords to hints of sun-kissed skin. The inclusion of solar notes in the fragrance brings a radiant and uplifting quality, enhancing the overall olfactory experience.

Scent Sensation: 

Immerse yourself in timeless sophistication with this fragrance. It combines sparkling floral, ambery, and woody elements to create an elegant and captivating aura. Experience a sense of romance, sensuality, and irresistible allure in every breath.

Scent Type

Ambery, Floral, Woody

Fragrance Family

Floral Ambery




1000ml, 300ml

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